LAKOS FrySafe Saves Time and Money for Ballreich’s Potato Chips

Posted by Prashant Joshi on Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Ballreich's uses LAKOS Frysafe A family-owned snack food producer in Northwest Ohio was losing an estimated $25,000 for every four hours that their fryer was down for maintenance, and needed to find an efficient solution that would reduce downtime and help preserve cooking oil quality. Working with Sunsource, they installed a LAKOS FrySafe system to filter out crumbs and fines from their cooking oil.

Since then, Ballreich’s Potato Chips has had amazing oil quality and their fryer bed needs little to no cleaning. Rob, their Production Manager, says that the LAKOS FrySafe system is their most valuable asset to keep production running smoothly, and is worth its weight in gold! 

Get more info on the LAKOS FrySafe here.

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