Obama Speaks Out on California Drought and Irrigation Water Savings

Posted by on Friday, February 14, 2014

The ongoing California drought has brought national attention to the Central Valley, where much of the country’s produce is grown. The situation has become so severe that even President Obama is visiting the region this Friday to bring attention to the crisis that has dried up the Valley. Analysts and journalists speculate that he will be in Fresno, CA to support legislation that will bring millions of dollars in aid to local farmers. If signed, this bill would provide hundreds of millions of dollars to farms for conservation efforts and upgrades to existing water systems.California Drought Dry Riverbed 2013 resized 600

3 Ways To Conserve During A Drought
The dry conditions mean everyone is looking for innovative ways to protect resources and equipment. Here are three ways you can do your part to help:

1. Farming communities are relying more and more on groundwater reserves, which are only getting lower. Many are drilling new wells or uncapping old ones that have sat idle for years. For these wells, sand damage can be a major problem to the pumping equipment. Installing a pump protect separator can protect pump impellers and allow the system to use less energy when extracting the water.

2. Proper irrigation filtration is key to successful water savings. Sand or other solids can plug up nozzles, sprinklers, or drip emitters leading to wasted water and energy. But without a good underdrain design, sand media filters can require extra backwashing, wasting even more precious water. Make sure you’re using effective media tanks in your irrigation system, and even consider a pre-filtration system for reduced backwashing.

3. Encourage your local schools and governments to institute water saving practices and educational programs. Municipal water systems can install separators like the PWC to save energy and water. Schools can educate the youngest members of our community so that the next generation of citizens continue to innovate new technology for saving our planet.

Learn More About Irrigation Water Savings

CLICK HERE to download a full color brochure all about irrigation water savings. From groundwater well pump protection, to source water intake screens, to media tank pre-filtration, this download highlights all of the ways filtration can help preserve water and energy during this historic drought.

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