Industrial Well Pump Protection Separators
Flow Range: 100 - 3,180 U.S. gpm (23 - 723 m³/hr)
Maximum Pressure: Consult factory

  • Reduces pump wear, repair and replacement
  • Extends pump life by four times or more
  • Saves on pump energy costs with higher operating efficiency
Prevents sand damage to submersible and turbine water well pumps in industrial and municipal water applications. Sand damage can lead to loss of pump efficiency and ultimately shutdowns. A pump protection separator extends pump life and saves energy by keeping pumps running efficiently.

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    Head Loss: Typically, 9-14 feet (2.74-4.27m)
    Maximum Particle Size: 1/4 inch (6.3mm)
    Maximum Particle Concentration: 1,000 ppm

  • ASME

    Internal 3M Scotchkote Coating

    Stainless Steel Material

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