Sand Solutions PRO Training Programs

  • Comprehensive water systems filtration education
  • Targeted product & application information
  • Key tips and filtration solutions for increased sales opportunities
  • Appropriate accessories & complete solution orientation
  • Complete workbook for each participant
Now, there are four LAKOS Training Modules to help your sales team:

Pump Protection Sand Separators
Independent surveys tell us that up to 54% of pump installations experience premature failure because of sand wear … and up to 43% of contractors are not familiar with solutions such as LAKOS Pump Protection Separators. This training identifies the problems, how LAKOS PPS Separators work, proper model selection and tips for applications & installations. Details for small submersible pumps, too.

Small Water Systems
What most people know about traditional filters, they don’t like them. Learn the key advantages of LAKOS Sand Separators as the intelligent alternative. Discover the logic of accessories and offering complete solutions. Model selection and sizing tips, too.

Landscape Irrigation Systems
With varied water sources and increasing spray nozzle options, improved and broader options for filtration are more important than ever. Know where and when to apply the best filters for your applications. Understand the advantages of each filter and how best to size and apply for optimum performance.

In-Home Plumbing & Light Commercial Applications
Take the plumbing trade’s only water filtration course and become an expert for your customers. Learn the new options and proper installation techniques for performance and professional results. Model selection, sizing and options for removing particle matter from water to keep appliances, water treatment devices and entire water systems operating trouble-free.

LAKOS Regional Sales Managers are located across the USA and Canada to bring these training programs to your business for your sales team. A CEU-worthy training certificate and free gift for each participant. A personal workbook to keep for reference use. A world of filtration knowledge to make your job easier and make you more professional than your competition. Call us for details and the best timing for you.

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