INDUSTRIAL Filtration Solutions

LS-636 Industrial Filtration Solutions brochure

Industrial Water Filtration Applications & Other Liquids

Industrial processes often experience heavier sand and solids problems. LAKOS industrial water filters are specifically designed to remove these solids from the fluid stream and safely purge them to another location. Employed in:

LAKOS has over 40 years of experience selecting the best solution for your industrial solids problem. 

Most Common Industrial Water Filtration Solutions: 

Spray nozzle and small orifice protection

  • Avoid fouling, clogging and/or abrasive wear. Eliminate excessive downtime, maintenance and/or parts replacements. 

Pre-filtration of larger solids so finer filtration can be more effective, such as as water treatment systems

  • Reduce fine-micron cartridge or bag filter consumption with the pre-removal of larger solids. Extend the operating cycles of filter elements and water treatment processes. Reduce maintenance, downtime and filter media replacement costs. 

Heat Exchanger Protection in process environments

  • Control solids fouling. Remove precipitated grit and scale. Maintain optimum system efficiencies and avoid excessive energy loss.

Waste minimization/Reduction

  • Extend the life of process liquids by removing troublesome solids. Concentrate separated solids for easy disposal or recovery/re-use. Reduce your government-regulated waste for significant process-related savings.

For Comfort Cooling Filtration

For HVAC and Heat Transfer sand and solids problems involving comfort cooling, review the line of  HVAC Filtration solutions.

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