Enhance PFAS Filtration Performance

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How a LAKOS Improves Filtration

While LAKOS Separators do not directly separate PFAS from liquid sources, LAKOS Separators have been proven to be effective pre-filters for finer filtration methods. By using a LAKOS Separator as a pre-filter, larger particles as fine as 44 microns can be removed in a single pass with up to 98% efficiency. The removal of the larger particles from a systems flow allows nanofiltration devices like Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters to focus on the ultra fine contaminants, like PFAS particles. When used together, the need for filter replacement from clogging of the filters permeable membrane is drastically reduced providing enhanced longevity and overall filtration performance. LAKOS offers Separators sized for Public Works applications and home use that conform to NSF Safe Drinking Water safety standards.

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