LGS Salinas County

A LAKOS LGS Protecting Drip Lines at a Farm in Salinas County

Protect Your Irrigation Systems from Troublesome Particle Matter

For sand and settleable particle matter, consider LAKOS Sand Separators (ILB, ILS, LGS Series, and Self-Cleaning Screen Filters). Centrifugal action performance without screens or filter elements to clean or replace. Low and steady pressure loss. Easily automated for maintenance-free operation.

For protecting water well pumps from excessive abrasive sand wear and lost energy efficiency, LAKOS Pump Protection Separators (PPS Series) offers exclusive technology to extend pump life by four times or more. Watch the animated video.

For algae and organic matter, LAKOS Self-Cleaning Screen Filters feature a very unique underdrain design for maximum filter performance at an industry-low pressure loss. Longer operating cycles and less backwashing saves water & energy costs.

For keeping unwanted debris out of open water pump intakes, LAKOS PC Self-Cleaning Intake Screens boast continuous cleaning and protection for longer pump life. Durable fiberglass frame and stainless steel screen construction. Exclusive, easy-to-service bushing for less-frequent low-cost repairs.