Municipal Waterworks

Municipal water tower in a field of dandelions.

Filtration Solutions for Municipal Waterworks Systems

Capable of working with engineering firms, private water companies, and public agencies alike, LAKOS has the expertise for both simple and challenging waterworks applications. LAKOS municipal water filtration products meet the needs of a demanding industry with NSF 61 Annex G certification, third party performance verification, and ASME Code options. Our Public Works Certified (PWC) centrifugal separator is a specially designed to meet the unique requirements of municipal water systems.

LAKOS municipal products solve filtration problems throughout waterworks systems:

LAKOS Sand Separators remove troublesome sand from the pump discharge to protect water meters, water treatment systems, and downstream processes from particle clogging & abrasive wear.

Open water intake filtration to stop river and canal sand, silt, and debris from entering the water system.

LAKOS Pump Protection Separators install on deep well turbine and submersible pumps to protect pump impellers from excessive wear and maintain higher pump efficiencies for overall energy savings.

Drinking water sand removal.

Clarifiers (grit removal), water meter protection, water treatment (pre-filtration), fire protection systems, vehicle & train wash operations, and more!

Municipal Water Well Made Safe

In Southern California, the Jurupa Community Services District provides clean water for a large amount of residents and landscape, and therefore cannot have system downtime and any health risks. The district installed a water treatment system for each of their wells but needed to ensure sand-free well water. With two LAKOS JPX Sand Separators installed, it allowed for fine sand removal as well as a steady flow and pressure for optimum performance. Learn More


Sand Eliminated From Municipal Water Well

The city of Rochelle, Illinois counts on clean, potable drinking water for residents as well as travelers, however, the sand content in the water was getting out of hand. It required the wells to be continually flushed with constant system problems. Municipal Well & Pump recommended to the city to install a LAKOS Pump Protection System, eliminating sand problems and allowed for a fully operational well. Learn More


Arizona Eliminates Sand from Community Water

Inside the wells of Queen Creek, Arizona large amounts of abrasive sand was found, damaging bowls and impellers found on the turbine pumps. Queen Creek Water Company needed a long term solution since it was providing water to 8,000 houses. A LAKOS Pump Protection Separator was installed to solve their sand problems. Learn More


Water Treatment System Removes Sand Without Downtime

Near Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Buckman Diversion Project was challenged to find a filter system that was capable of handling sand from the Rio Grande River without any downtime or maintenance. After much trial and error, they resulted in installing LAKOS JPX Separators with an automatic purging option to remove the sand from the water, resulting in zero downtime and minimal maintenance. Learn More


Industrial Laundry Replaces Shaker Screens with LAKOS Separators For Wash Water Re-Use

In the industrial laundry industry, it has become a standard to use shaker screens, but they have become increasingly troublesome and an intensive maintenance problem, especially for ALSCO Linen of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The solution, a complete LAKOS PREP System installed to replace the shaker screens which allowed for zero downtime, zero liquid loss, and continuous operation. Learn More


Separator Removes Sand From City Water; Protects Stadium Plumbing

The Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia had been experiencing sand problems in their water supply, it created clogged flush valves in restrooms, overflowing toilets and sinks, and led to shutting down multiple facilities to fans. After three games of these problems, the stadium installed two LAKOS Separators which completely eliminated the sand problem as well as any shutdowns to the stadium. Learn More


Government Building Saves on Replacement Element Costs

A large government building in Washington , D.C. is saving more than $700 a month in replacement element costs after installing four LAKOS Separators. These separators are now removing the sand and grit from the water of four large water fountains in the building, eliminating routine maintenance and replacement costs. Learn More


LAKOS Separator Helps Guarantee Efficiency of Water Treatment System

The city of Mont-de-Marsan, France needed to protect their ozone reactor and anthracite media filter from sand and grit. Due to extensive fouling, they were quick to choose a LAKOS Separator which allowed the flushing of separated solids, eliminating the sand and grit, while also requiring no routine maintenance. Learn More

Municipal Drainage System Protects Pumps with Lakos Separators

Three high-volume pumps suffering from abrasive wear in the city of Ville De Dax, France, continued to be worn down by grit and sediments from rainwater and runoff. Two LAKOS N-FD Model Separators were installed to eliminate the accumulation and abrasive wear from the rainwater and runoff sediments. Learn More


City Water Eliminates Sand Problems

The City of Phoenix, Arizona have equipped the majority of their water wells with centrifugal sand separators, which has reduced operating costs and has extended the life of their water meters. The city now has 16 LAKOS Separators installed, creating particle-free water, keeping their water lines and plumbing free of sand for the 340 million gallons of water pumped each day for the city . Learn More