Keeping Hospitals Safe and Clean with Filtration

LAKOS understands the importance of stopping bacterial growth in hospitals and other large facilities. Legionnaire’s Disease is often found in water distribution systems of large buildings when left untreated. According to ASHRAE, “keeping the system clean reduces nutrients available for Legionella growth… centrifugal gravity-type separators and bag-type filters can be used to assist in the removal of debris…”

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Alberta Hospital Cooling System Curbs Energy Costs

Internal and external forces of the cooling system at University of Alberta Hospital in Canada created fouling and reduced efficiency, increasing energy consumption by 7%. Gathering deposits of scale and other particulates, the hospital receives and transfers water to all areas and buildings on the system, allowing for the piping to become sufficiently obstructed – significantly impacting energy consumption.  The most effective filtration solution was a LAKOS Separator with Closed Recovery System which was installed on both of the chilled water systems, allowing for savings of over $20,000 annually and an 8% reduction in energy costs. Learn More


Deaconess Hospital Discovers Cure for Chronically Dirty Cooling Towers

The maintenance staff of Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma were devoted to 60 hours of cleaning a year in its 7 cell cooling towers due to a couple of inches of mud accumulating in the basins of the cooling towers.  The cooling towers created excessive debris in the system causing additional weekly cleanings of water pump strainers, seasonal cleaning of a plate and frame heat exchanger, as well as frequent cleaning on five chillers. Deaconess Hospital needed a better filtration solution than their current method, and decided to install a LAKOS centrifugal separator to remove the solids and allow for regular purging of the solids in the cooling towers. The installation of the LAKOS separator has had a profound impact on the clarity of the cooling tower water and has also drastically reduced the amount of labor required to keep the system running. Learn More


Hospital Protects Expensive Polishing Filter with LAKOS Separator

At the University of Michigan’s Hosptial, large particles began clogging their zeolite bead polishing filter, causing heavy build up, and the threat of corrosion, rust, and ultimate failure rising. But with the help of a LAKOS Industrial Separator, the University was able to completely get rid of these dangers and keep their filter free from any build up, removing up to 98% of solids up to 74 microns. Learn More


Hospital Reduces Risk of Legionella

At Saint John’s Hospital in Anderson, Indiana have been experiencing reduced manpower and risks of Legionnaires Disease (LD). The best way for the hospital to reduce the risk of LD is to keep their cooling towers free from dirt and debris but to do this it requires daily cleaning of the basins which is not an ideal method for the hospital staff. The hospital decided to install a LAKOS TCI 1400 basin sweeping system which has increased the overall condition of the cooling towers, with no corrosion or Legionella bacteria in the cooling water. Learn More