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Preventing Build Up in Sumps and Pits

Solids in a system can gather in troublesome places, and when that is a cooling tower basin or steel scaling pit (to name two examples), they can become health hazards and removal nightmare. LAKOS can automate the removal of solids from these systems and purge them into a more efficient, final location. This eliminates maintenance and other labor costs while minimizing health risks.

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Platinum Refinery Eliminates Sump Clean-Up Problems with Self-Cleaning LAKOS System

When refining platinum, the main side effect is solids-laden smoke that is directed through an air scrubber which causes the scrubber’s sump to accumulate with large amounts of grit. The sump would then require system shutdown every two to three months for about four days each. To reduce ongoing maintenance, the refinery installed a complete LAKOS Separator “PREP” System which removed the requirement of such excessive cleaning or shutdowns. Learn More