Power Plants

Power Generation

LAKOS plays a large role in power plants, optimizing the power generation process with minimal maintenance required. Because of this, savings generated by LAKOS Separators often justify the cost of installation in a matter of months. Case Study AB-192 illustrates these savings.

LAKOS separators optimize water use and enhance system efficiency while reducing maintenance costs in hydroelectric, hydrothermal, or thermal powerplants. They help to:

Full-Stream Cooling Tower System Reduces Maintenance

In Cleveland, Ohio the General Electric plant produces tungsten wire and powder. Their cooling water was normally contaminated with airborne grit, accumulating in their large cooling tower, which required constant maintenance and inspection at least once every shift. Looking for a more efficient way of keeping their water and cooling tower free of grit, General Electric first installed a side-stream LAKOS Separator and then two Industrial Model Separators. In no time, the LAKOS Separators were quickly paying for themselves, with cleaning only being required every six weeks, with removal of up to 98% of all solids. Learn More


Power Company Reduces Maintenance & Replacement Costs

The Georgia Power Company of Milledgeville, Georgia wanted to reduce maintenance and replacement costs of their system. They installed a LAKOS Separator on their pump seal water system and finds that it is also keeping its general operating costs down. With the new installation they are able to filter out 98% of all particles without reducing line pressure and are able to protect their pumps while minimizing costs. Learn More 


Lumber Mill Minimizes Build Up to Maintain Peak Efficiency

At Mt. Shasta in Northern California, a lumber mill needed reliable and effective filtration to limit the unwanted build up of solids. By installing a set of LAKOS industrial JPX Separators that are designed to continuously remove dirt, silt, and debris from the tower water, they where able to meet their need for reliable and effective filtration. Learn More


Chiller Tubes are Free of Solids at Hydro Power Station

During monsoon season at the Salal Hydro Electric Project of National Hydro Power Corporation’s plant, they experience an exponential increase of solids in their cooling water – from 5000 PPM up to 40,000 PPM. The increasing of these solids require frequent shutdowns for inspections, cleaning, and repairs. As soon as monsoon season ended, the plant installed six pairs of LAKOS Bi-Sep Separators resulting in the removal of 90% of solids, reducing the wear and fouling of the chiller tubes and reducing maintenance costs. Learn More


Industrial Separators Assist Process Cooling in Power Plant

With the establishment of Kori No. 1 Power Plant in South Korea the need for LAKOS Separators became a necessity in order to reduce maintenance and to help maintain thermal efficiency of the plant’s heat exchangers. The separators have been an effective solution for filtering sand, silt, and other solid debris. Learn More