Ethanol Production

Effective filtration in ethanol production leads to higher plant efficiency and lower energy costs, with other benefits as well. LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions are often used to:

  • Keep cooling towers and heat exchangers clean – See video below
  • Clean in place filtration
  • Removing unwanted sand from source water supplies
  • Keeping spray nozzles from clogging
  • Pre-filtering water treatment to extend their operating cycles.

How To Keep Cooling Tower Basins Clean

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Gas Conditioning Dehydration System Improves Glycol Filtration

Cartridge filter replacement have become excessive and expensive for a Southern California natural gas plant and has also not been able to specify their desired level of filtration quality. But after installing a LAKOS Separator they were able to quickly overcome their problems. With the installation they have been able to eliminate routine maintenance and are now capable of effective filtration. Learn More