Vehicle Wash Systems

Vehicle Wash Systems

Proper water filtration in car washes and other vehicle cleaning systems means less maintenance and more efficient use of water. LAKOS is successfully operating in many such situations. Water filtration and spray nozzle protection from clogging keep solids from being blasted back onto the vehicle. Read Customer Success Stories AB-188 and AB-187 for examples of successful filtration installations.

AB-188 Multiple Car Washes

AB-187 Gallo Motor Center Corporation Car Wash

Car Wash Operation Reduces Maintenance & Labor by 90%

In their automatic car wash system, Gallo Motor Center Corporation of Worcester, Massachusetts was experiencing sand and grit plugged spray arches, nozzles, and solenoid valves. The solids even ruined the impeller from one of their system pumps. Fortunately, the addition of a LAKOS Separator has resulted in a 90% reduction in maintenance and labor costs and additional savings in reduced water treatment charges. Learn More


Car Wash Customer Testimonies: LAKOS Separators Solve Filtration Problems in Car Washes

“We installed a LAKOS In-Line Series Separator in our car wash reclaim system. We are using it to remove the large particles from the reclaimed water to keep our equipment clean. With the drought in Florida, our LAKOS Separator has helped a lot!”

– Barbara Ferguson
Brandon Car Wash
Brandon, Florida

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