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Prevent Solids Build Up in Cooling Systems

LAKOS filtration keeps chillers, compressors, heat exchangers and other closed-loop equipment in good working order and operating efficiently. Scale, corrosion, biofilm, weld slag, dirt, iron oxides, and suspended solids can result in serious operational problems. Suspended solids in a closed-loop system will lead to long-term damage and shorten the operation life of the equipment. Prevent this harmful clogging and bacterial growth while using less energy and maintenance than other filter-like options.

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HVAC System Substantially Reduces Strainer Maintenance with LAKOS Separator

A large communications company located in Washington, D.C. was seeking to end the problem of extremely high strainer maintenance in their cooling tower. By installing a LAKOS Separator they just about cut the need for a strainer and found the strainer to be remarkably clean, only requiring a once-a-year inspection instead of cleaning the strainer every 3-5 days. Learn More

Industrial Separators Assist Process Cooling in Power Plant

South Korea developed nuclear enery in the late 1970’s with the establishment of Kori No. 1 Power Plant, where LAKOS Separators have been installed to protect the heat exchangers from fouling which has resulted in reduced maintenance and helping maintain thermal efficiency. The installation has also helped with the filtration of sand, sand, and other solid debris. Learn More

Ice Rink Solves Maintenance Problems for Closed-Loop Chilling System

An aging ice rink in Pawling, New York had been developing rust and scale within their close-loop chilling system which clogged the system at least twice a week. The clogging resulted in the ice melting and forced them into extensive and unscheduled downtime and repairs. But by installing three LAKOS Separators has helped to keep their 30 year old chilling system operation smoothly. In the two years with the separators installed, the ice rink has not experience any clogged lines and continues to remove rust and scale in their chiller system. Learn More