Automotive Manufacturing

LAKOS Separators are an effective solution in automotive manufacturing plants worldwide. This includes:

  • Full stream protection for central coolant systems
  • Protection of nozzles and the control of solids accumulation in body prep and deluge wash baths.
  • Protection of grinding and finishing processes
  • Cooling water filtration
  • Download the Auto Industry Filtration Brochure, LS-588

Auto Assembly Plant Reduces Paint Defects

A Detroit auto manufacturer faced high levels of paint defects and blemishes on vehicles due to inadequate bag filtration. During the assembly process there were many ways that various solids could contaminate the processes for each car. In order to remove all the solids in their operations, the manufacturer installed LAKOS Separators, removing solids and reducing paint defects by 85%. Learn More


Auto Engine Plant Solves Three Filtration Problems

Inside a large automotive engine plant, a high-pressure pumps filter elements constantly plugged, causing downtime and damage to the pump. A LAKOS NFD Series Separator was installed as well as a LAKOS purge system in order to handle solids for disposal. These installations kept the pump from needing repairs, saving element replacement costs and minimizing system downtime. Learn More


Separator Eliminates Screen Maintenance for Auto Manufacturer

Australia’s Mitsubishi Motors Ltd. have reported tremendous savings in labor due to the installation of a LAKOS R-TS Industrial Code Separator. The separator has eliminated routine cleaning and inspection of their filter screens and allowed for savings of up to $60 per day in maintenance, resulting in over $15,000 annual savings. Learn More


Ford Plant Claims High Performance, Economy, & Reduced Maintenance

At Ford’s Lima Engine Plant in Ohio, a LAKOS Separator has helped to eliminate tool wear, re-work, and scrap machining which has resulted in high performance and reduced maintenance for the Ford plant. A spokesmen for Ford Motor Company also complimented LAKOS for their engineering assistance by helping reduce purchasing and installation costs. Learn More