Protect sprinklers, micro-sprays, drip systems and control valves from troublesome particle matter

Don’t let unwanted particles clog nozzles and emitters and cause uneven watering patterns. Keep lawns, shrubs and plants green by sustaining maximum-efficient nozzles & emitters.  Simplify and eliminate maintenance routines with the best products available.

  • Sand Separators – Centrifugal-action performance removes fine sand and settleable particles in light-to-heavy concentrations without screens or filters to clean or replace. All models easily automated.


  • Self-Cleaning Pump Intake Screens – When drawing irrigation water from ponds or other surface water sources, the continuous cleaning action of the PC Series Screens protects pumps from being damaged by debris and reduces the burden on downstream filters for reduced maintenance routines.


  • Pump Protection Separators – If sandy water wells are prematurely damaging pumps and causing frequent repairs/replacements, downhole separators can extend pump life and sustained better pump efficiency.