PC – Self-Cleaning Intake Screen

Energy Savings

The continuously clean screens eliminate potential head/loss pressure and minimize pump energy usage.

No Maintenance

No manual cleaning of stationary screens, or routine system shutdowns.

Environmentally Friendly

Low-velocity operation keeps fish, mussels and clams out of pump intakes, preserving natural surroundings.

Wide Range of Applications

LAKOS PC screens fit natural and man-made bodies of water, including both static and moving water. Unique solutions for wet wells, side channels and enclosed intakes are available. For centrifugal pumps, short-coupled turbines and VFD’s Flow velocities to match fish protection specifications.

PC Screens Application

Durable Construction

PC screens feature a strong, deep-ribbed, reinforced fiberglass frame with Stainless steel end caps. Available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, algae-resistant phosphor-bronze, and epoxy coated options.

PC Screens Application

How It Works

LAKOS self-cleaning PC Screens offer continuous pump protection without the worry of routine maintenance. The internal backwash system blows debris off and away from the screen, allowing water to flow freely to the pump intake. Other screen filters stay in place, wasting time and energy due to repeated clogging.

Phosphorus Bronze: Prevents zebra mussels from growing on mesh screen.