Drip and Micro-Spray Irrigation

Keep Fine-Orifice Systems Operating Trouble-Free

The standard for efficient filtration with drip and micro-spray irrigation is sand media filters, and LAKOS provides the industry’s best-performing products. Choice of stainless steel (LAKOS SST Series) or inside/out powder-coated steel (LAKOS PRO-II Series). Perfect for removing organics and suspended particle matter such as silt and fine sand. Industry’s lowest pressure loss and best low-pressure operating performance (as little as 20 psi) save energy and water.


A key component of all LAKOS Sand Media Filters is the exclusive LAKOS full-lateral underdrain system, featuring 3.6 times more open area than the filter tank’s inlet. This minimizes system pressure loss and provides for a more uniform flow of water across the filter surface and through the tank to the outlet. No dead spots. No channelling. Better backwashing characteristics (without need for gravel pack).

Backwash Valve

Best-built LAKOS Backwash Valves are inside/out powder-coated ductile iron, capable of operating at pressures as low as 20 psi. Durable & long-lasting, with easy-access maintenance features.

DuroBlack Manifolds

Choice of stainless steel or exclusive DuroBlack poly manifolds, available in configurations for 2, 3 and 4-tank systems … with tees and greater options soon to come. Durable and completely resistant to bacteria and corrosive issues.