Drip and Micro-Spray Irrigation

Keep Fine-Orifice Systems Operating Trouble-Free

Keep drip emitters from clogging by installing a LAKOS sand separator. LAKOS LGS separators remove 99% of sand and silt, operate at a 3psid, and work non-stop to protect your equipment. All this without requiring constant maintenance.

Artichoke Company Prevents Clogged Nozzles 

Adolph Locatelli of The Santa Cruz Artichoke Company has about a dozen spray rigs he uses that can constantly become clogged, and needed a solution. Locatelli decided to utilize LAKOS Separators to eliminate the clogged spray nozzles and worn orifices. Locatelli says, “We neither could nor would be without LAKOS Separators on our spray rigs. They really cannot be beaten.” Learn More


Nursery Drip-Trickle Emitters Protected with LAKOS Separators

Owner of Scottsvalley Nursery of Lakeport, CA Bob Lininger reported that due to the sand in his well water was causing the small orifices of his emitters to be clogged which resulted in high annual costs. Lininger then decided to install a LAKOS Separator of the discharge side of his well pump and was able to remove 98% of all sand and silt particles. Learn More


Spray Rig Reveals Costs Savings with Installation of Separators

A series of air rigs and high-pressure oscillating booms for insecticide and chemical spraying were frequently becoming plugged and experiencing excessive wear from sand and grit. Tony Wisniewski of Greenbelt Spraying, Inc. in Sanger, California decided to install LAKOS Separators on his seven rigs and now his spray nozzles last four times longer, decreasing replacement and maintenance costs and even protecting the fruit he sprays. Learn More


Orchard is Free of Clogged Emitters & Drip Lines

At DeBenedetto Farms in Chowchilla, California extreme quantities of sand were needing to be cleaned from a massive in line filter every 10-12 hours, costing the farm $2,600 to fix the impellers on their filter. DeBenedetto Farms soon made the installation of a LAKOS Turbing Separator a necessity and only required the filter to be inspected and occasionally cleaned every 10-14 days. Learn More


Vineyard Frost Protection System Depends on LAKOS Separators 

Stillwater Vineyards of Ludlow Falls, Ohio purchased a LAKOS 8-inch Agricultural Separator in order to prevent their solid-set frost control sprinkler from plugging with river sediments. The vineyard had experienced two years in a row of total crop failure and needed a new system they could depend on, and with their new LAKOS Separator they experience no clogging and savings of $25,000. Learn More