District Energy

Maintain Performance & Extend Equipment Life

Cities, universities, and other large building networks all over the world utilize filtration in their district energy systems to save energy and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

District energy utilizes a central plant to provide heating and cooling to multiple buildings in one area so they do not need separate chillers, heat exchangers or cooling towers. A video produced by the International District Energy Association (IDEA) explains the concept in detail, which has been used successfully in cities from New York to Dubai, and in many universities around the world.

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Indianapolis Uses LAKOS Separators to Help Keep City Cool

All across downtown Indianapolis many buildings utilize chilled water for cooling, and must maintain temperatures of 40 to 42 degrees. But when these chillers reach an older age or accumulate particulates the temperatures decrease and can only reach a maximum of 60 degree water, creating uncomfortable temperatures for the citizens of Indianapolis. The city looked to LAKOS Separators to solve these issues that their chillers were experiencing and installed a LAKOS RTS 1209 which allowed the purge of any particulates that would normally have been accumulated in the city’s chillers. LAKOS keeps all the equipment running at their highest efficiency AND with minimal water loss by keeping the water free of troublesome solids. Learn More