Home Sand Problems

Sand In Your Home Water Supply? We Have Several Solutions!

Problem: Sand in your ice maker, showerheads, clothes washer, or other water appliance.

Solution: The SandMaster from LAKOS is uniquely designed to remove unwanted sand from your residential water supply.

  • The SandMaster and stainless steel SandMasterPLUS units can be installed for an automated purge of sand and provide maintenance-free operation. For most homes, this is our recommended solution. Contact us to help you buy one and have it professionally installed.
  • For heavier amounts of sand or corrosive water situations, the ILB/ILS is the best choice for longer durability.


Problem: What about sand in my water well that gets into my home but is also causing damage to my pump?

Solution: You can stop the sand before it gets into your house AND protect your submersible pump using a SUB-K pump protection separator. For submersible pump flow above 100 US GPM and all turbine pumps, the Pump Protection Separator (PPS) is a proven solution.

Keep Your Home SAND FREE!