Cooling Tower Filtration

Eliminate Tower Manual Basin Cleaning with Centrifugal Filtration

Reduce under-deposit corrosion and biological growth while never having to manually clean the cooling tower basin again. LAKOS cooling tower filtration products remove unwanted build-up, helping to stop legionella growth and other unwanted particulates. Minimize maintenance, downtime, and water loss with LAKOS Centrifugal Separators.

Benefits of Cooling Tower Water Filtration

  • Reduce under-deposit corrosion, remove food source for biological activity and extend life of the basin

  • Minimize manual cleaning, maintenance, downtime and risk of injury

  • HydroBoosters™ sweep cooling tower basin to remove suspended solids at the source

  • Maintain downstream thermal efficiency of heat transfer surfaces

High Efficiency Basin Sweeping

Basin Cleaning Videos

Downtime Eliminated & Reduced Maintenance Costs on Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning

In Houston, Texas a Regional Laboratory for a leading environmental agency was having problems with dirty cooling tower water, which lead to HVAC loop system downtime and increased labor and maintenance costs. They acted fast in finding a solution to their dirty water problem as well as setting an example of water and energy conservation. The agency installed a LAKOS TCX-0280-SRV and were able to filter out sand, silt, scale, and rust and now the system boasts a zero liquid loss approach to filtration, as well reduced maintenance and downtime costs. Learn More


Cooling Tower Eliminates Routine Maintenance with LAKOS Separator

At National Wire Products Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland it was a big job to keep their ejector-type cooling tower in operation. Normally, they would need to clean the system at least once a week, but once they installed in three LAKOS In-Line Separators, they do the cleaning themselves. The LAKOS separators now reduce cooling tower problems by about 95%, allowing for a reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. Learn More


Full-Stream Cooling Tower System Reduces Maintenance

In Cleveland, Ohio the General Electric plant produces tungsten wire and powder. Their cooling water was normally contaminated with airborne grit, accumulating in their large cooling tower, which required for constant maintenance and inspection once every shift. Looking for a more efficient way of keeping their water and cooling tower free of grit, General Electric first installed a side-stream LAKOS Separator and then two Industrial Model Separators. In no time, the LAKOS Separators were paying for themselves quickly, with cleaning being required every six weeks, removing up to 98% of all solids. Learn More