Superior SF-Series Water Conditioner


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How Superior Water Conditioners Work

As water passes through the Superior Water Conditioner’s treatment chamber, it is subjected to a series of alternating, reversing-polarity, permanent magnetic fields, which interrupts the natural scale-forming characteristics of CaCO3 and MgCO3 by temporarily altering their ionic charge identity. Instead of being attracted to one another, the molecules repel one another causing the minerals to precipitate out of the solution in a physical state known as aragonite, rather than the hard rock-like calcite. This aragonite will flow right on through an irrigation system or drop to a low area within equipment so that it can be easily blown down or bled off. It can also be removed by other physical means such as centrifugal separation and filtration equipment. Since chemicals are unnecessary, the purity of the water is not affected in any way, and it can be safely and legally discharged to a sanitary sewer or even to the environment, where allowed.

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Models Max Flow Rate Connections
RT-0500 4 GPM 1/2″ NPT 4 lbs.
RT-0750 8 GPM 3/4″ NPT 5 lbs.
RT-1000 15 GPM 1″ NPT 7 lbs.
SF-1250 30 GPM  1-1/4″ 27 lbs.
SF-1500 50 GPM 1-1/2″ 51 lbs.
SF-2000 75 GPM 2″ 68 lbs.
SF-2500 110 GPM  2-1/2″ 82 lbs.
SF-3000 175 GPM  3″ 117 lbs.
SF-4000 250 GPM 4″ 170 lbs.
SF-5000 350 GPM 5″ 308 lbs.
SF-6000 500 GPM 6″ 485 lbs.
SF-8000 700 GPM 8″ 703 lbs.
SF-10000 850 GPM 10″ 868 lbs.
SF-12000 1,100 GPM 12″ 1,190 lbs.
SF-14000 1,400 GPM 14″ 1,478 lbs.
SF-16000 1,800 GPM 16″ 1,830 lbs.
SF-18000 2,600 GPM 18″ 2,600 lbs.
SF-20000 3,100 GPM 20″ 2,953 lbs.
SF-24000 4,000 GPM 24″ 4,050 lbs.

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