Canal/River Source Water

Wherever unprotected pump intakes are threatened by debris, fish, and/or other floating solids, LAKOS Self-Cleaning Pump Intake Screens provide a continuous, intelligent defense against clogging, lost suction, and pump wear. These open-source water filtration systems save on maintenance, energy, and the environment.

Canal River Source Water

Canal Source Downloads

Crestar Energy Water Plant Removes Fine Solids From River Water

McLeod River located in Alberta, Canada helps Crestar Energy to operate their water plant at Niton Junction oil production facility, but sand and grit were wreaking havoc and creating extensive maintenance. The facility was losing precious production time but decided to solve these issues by installing a LAKOS Separator which has removed sand and slit, achieving cost savings in manpower and filter replacement. Learn More


Water Treatment System Removes Sand Without Downtime

Near Santa Fe, New Mexico the Buckman Diversion Project was challenged to find a filter system that was capable of handling sand from the Rio Grande River without any downtime or maintenance. After much trial and error, they resulted in installing LAKOS JPX Separators with an automatic purging option to remove sand from the water, resulting in zero downtime and minimal maintenance. Learn More