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Filtration Keeps Data Center Water Clean

Filtration plays a key role in data centers worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water can course through a typical data center cooling system each day, bringing with it debris, scale, and biological activity. These unwanted particulates can build up, causing energy and time to be wasted. These data center solutions put an end to routine downtime and unwanted maintenance while reducing energy use and water waste.

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Call Center Eliminates Cleaning Downtime

A call center and data center for a major bank in Idaho had seen an increased amount of system downtime with their chemical free water treatment system, and needed filtration. A large amount of solids accumulation in their cooling tower basin was responsible for so much downtime and fouling of their heat exchangers. The team installed a LAKOS TowerClean TCI-0280-SRV/ABV system to control the build of solids in their cooling towers, and the bank quickly saw significant amounts of solids being removed from their cooling towers. Learn More