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Keep Data Center Water Clean

To keep Data Centers running at cooler consistent temperatures and maintain design efficiencies some form of filtration is required to remove unwanted solids from liquid streams. LAKOS Separators play an important role in helping keep these massive systems working at their maximum potential, removing solids as fine as 5 microns with a Sand Media Filter or as fine as 44 microns with a Centrifugal Separator. LAKOS products are widely used for full-stream, side-stream, basin cleaning, and point of use applications to prevent unwanted solids from clogging heat exchangers, building up in the tower basins, and fouling of the piping and controls of cooling loops.

Common Challenges for Cooling Water

System Maintenance

Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, and Chillers require more maintenance as dirt builds up in chilled water supply. Keeping systems clean requires frequent maintenance.

Water Conservation (WUE)

Lack of Filtration or Poor Filtration for HVAC Water loops can lead to lower Cycles of Concentration – thus further increasing data center water usage.

Energy Conservation (PUE)

Dirt in Chillers and Heat Exchangers from open water loops creates fouling and blockages. More energy is consumed to reach approach temperatures.

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