Mining Operations

LAKOS filtration systems are commonly used in a variety of mining applications, including:

  • Well water filtration
  • Water reuse
  • Drip emitter protection
  • Leaching pads
  • Source water screening, straining, and filtration
  • And much more

Salt Domes

Salt domes are underground geological formations created by salt sediments. The core of a salt dome forms a vertical, oblong-shaped cavern, usually consisting of 90 to 99 percent crystalline rock salt. When properly excavated and prepared, the dome can be used as an underground storage area for natural gas, crude oil, and other high volume gases and fluids.

LAKOS Separators can be used in a variety of situations to accomplish this preparation.

The first step is typically to remove salt/brine water from the dome, which is usually mixed with sand and other solids. LAKOS Separators are ideal for this type of high volume sand separation.

Read Case Study AB-218 for information about successful filtration in salt dome mining.


Mining Operations Downloads

Salt Mine Removes Sand from Brine Water

Coastal Caverns of Beaumont, Texas has been removing salt from a salt dome which results in heavy brine water mixed with sand, further resulting in the sand clogging water wells and requiring the drilling of more wells. With the installation of three LAKOS Super Separators, it allows for the removal of sand without routine maintenance making their new system efficiency and cost effective. Learn More


Coal Field Processing Plant Reduces Pump Wear

After the installation of a LAKOS JPX Separator system at a Northern Appalachian Coal Field Processing Plant, the plant saw reduced piston pump repairs, little to no annual repair costs, and cleaner water. Learn More


Coal Prep Plant Eliminates Creek Debris & Mussels

Sand, silt, and other creek debris was being pulled into the water system of a coal prep plant after drawing their water from a nearby creek, causing numerous problems in the plant. Secondly, zebra mussels begin to accumulate in the piping system and reduce flow. After working with LAKOS, a custom JPX Separator was built, and resulted in zero zebra mussel build up and removing all solids from their creek water. Learn More