Mining Operations

LAKOS filtration systems are commonly used in a variety of mining applications, including:

  • Well water filtration
  • Water reuse
  • Drip emitter protection
  • Leaching pads
  • Source water screening, straining, and filtration
  • And much more

Salt Domes

Salt domes are underground geological formations created by salt sediments. The core of a salt dome forms a vertical, oblong-shaped cavern, usually consisting of 90 to 99 percent crystalline rock salt. When properly excavated and prepared, the dome can be used as an underground storage area for natural gas, crude oil, and other high volume gases and fluids.

LAKOS Separators can be used in a variety of situations to accomplish this preparation.

The first step is typically to remove salt/brine water from the dome, which is usually mixed with sand and other solids. LAKOS Separators are ideal for this type of high volume sand separation.

Read Case Study AB-218 for information about successful filtration in salt dome mining.


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