Centrifugal Sand Separators

Centrifugal Sand Separator Products

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SandMaster Separator

The LAKOS SandMaster centrifugal sand separator is your first line of defense for protecting your residential appliances, water filters, faucets, showers, and sprinkler heads from sand and sediment damage. Ideally suited for residential and small irrigation applications with water flow ranges of 5 – 70 GPM. The SandMaster is a NSF/ANSI-372 certified product constructed with a Stainless Steel exterior and plastic internals.


ILB-ILS Separator

The LAKOS ILB-ILS centrifugal sand separators are the popular choice for removing sand, grit, and other fine solids from irrigation process and other liquid systems with flow rates up to 290 GPM. The ILB is constructed of rugged carbon steel and is a NSF/ANSI-372 low-lead certified product while the ILS is constructed from stainless steel.