Protect Guests and Cooling Equipment

Filtration is often implemented in hotels to reduce harmful bacteria growth, protect equipment, reduce energy use, prevent water loss, and put an end to maintenance downtime. LAKOS understands the importance of protecting hotel guests from harmful bacteria like Legionella. Legionnaire’s Disease is often found in water distribution systems of large buildings when left untreated. According to ASHRAE, “keeping the system clean reduces nutrients available for Legionella growth… centrifugal gravity-type separators and bag-type filters can be used to assist in the removal of debris…”

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Prevention of Solids Build-Up in Hotel Multi-Shack Chiller System

The Hilton Garden Inn of Des Plains, Illinois had been utilizing a modular chiller system to provide optimal cooling in their facility, but quickly developed problems maintaining temperatures, creating guest complaints and extra maintenance. Initially, a side-stream separator was installed and filtering less than 10 percent of the system flow, and three years later it was retrofitted incorrectly, resulting in the continuation of accumulation of solids and a drop in chiller efficiency. The Hilton Garden Inn quickly moved to a LAKOS HTH-0810 with a Solids Recovery Vessel (SRV), to solve their needs and are now able to maintain design temperatures and properly cool and warm their facility. Learn More


Hotel Chiller Efficiency Improved with LAKOS Separator

The West World Inn located in Tulsa, Oklahoma originally had the coils of their chiller stop and the hotel would lose circulation in their rooms, making their chiller work harder. In order to resolve they would have to back-flush the coils to get rid of corrosion, increasing energy costs and maintenance expenses. But now, the West World Inn has installed a LAKOS Separator which has allowed them to enjoy energy savings of $3,000 annually, and not only helps their chiller operate better, but their boiler performs more efficiently in the winter. Learn More


Costa Rica Four Seasons Hotel Removes Debris

The Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Costa Rica has always been a beautiful and luxurious resort, centrally located in lush foliage and relaxing beaches. The resort strives to maintain the highest customer satisfaction possible, with customer service being their number one priority. However, the hotel’s chiller and cooling tower are located near the beach, resulting in rapid accumulation of debris. The resort needed an efficient way to reduce the maintenance and solids accumulation of their chillers and cooling towers, and chose to install a LAKOS TowerClean Separator with HydroBoosters and a Solids Recovery Vessel (TCX-100-SRV). Learn More