Sprinkler and Center Pivot Irrigation Protection

Centrifugal-Action Sand Separators

Minimize the damaging effects of abrasive/clogging sand and sediment with the high-performance and low-maintenance benefits of LAKOS Separators. Low and steady pressure loss. No screens to clean or replace. No backwashing or excessive water loss. Easily automated for maintenance-free operation.

Keeps spray nozzles at optimum spray-pattern effectiveness to maximize irrigation coverage without over or underwatering. Protects irrigation lines from troublesome particle build-up. Third-party tested to remove 200-mesh (74 microns) sand & settleable particles for proven performance and reliability. Beware of untested copycats!

Sprinkler Downloads

Kansas Farm Prevents Pump & Sprinkler Damage

A Kansas farmer was experiencing inadequate water supply for his crop irrigation, excessive pump wear, as well as reduced efficiency on his pumps. He wished to convert from a low pressure irrigation system into a center pivot system in order to combat the issues he was experiencing. He quickly installed his new system along with a LAKOS PLUM CREEK Screen and is now able to run the screen for 800 hours a season, with little to no maintenance as well debris free water. Learn More


Installing PPS Protects Farm Well Pumps

The Hay Barn in Florence, Arizona did not have enough water to keep their fields irrigated and decided to refurbish their old wells. Within a few months, the old pumps were destroyed overnight due to a sudden infiltration of sand. With a new installation of a LAKOS Pump Protection Separator it allowed the Hay Barn’s old wells to run efficiently without any signs of sand wear. Learn More