Pulp and Paper Mills

Pulp and Paper Mill Filtration

LAKOS Separators are used throughout the pulp and paper production industry for their heavy solids load handling and no routine maintenance. Mills across the world use LAKOS for better performance and energy savings. Among the most common applications is removing sand and other solids from source water intake.

Lumber Mill Minimizes Build Up to Maintain Peak Efficiency

At Mt. Shasta in Northern California, a lumber mill needed reliable and effective filtration to limit the unwanted solids build up. By installing an set of LAKOS industrial JPX Separators that is designed to contentiously remove dirt, silt, and debris from the tower water. Learn More


Paper Mill Replaces Strainer with LAKOS Separator

Unwanted particles were creating costly maintenance for a Massachusetts paper mill, and solved this problem with the installation of a LAKOS Separator in between their large pumping system and a large holding basin. Due to the continuous operation of the separator, there is no shutdown required with no entry of unwanted solids. Learn More


Foundry Improves Plant Efficiency

Initially, the once-daily cleaning of their nine strainers, the Sandusky Foundry and Machine Company of Sandusky, Ohio has been reduced to a simple bi-monthly inspection only, due to the installation of LAKOS Separators. The separators remove unwanted solids (consisting primarily of grit from roof drains and scale from the plant’s equipment and piping) just before the water entering the cooling tower. Learn More