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Homeowner House Sand Problems - Sprinkler

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Protect Your System

Problem: Sand in your ice maker, showerheads, clothes washer, or other water appliances.

Solution: The SandMaster from LAKOS is uniquely designed to remove unwanted sand from your residential water supply.

House Sand Problems - Faucet

Extend Pump Life

Problem: What about sand in my water well that gets into my home but is also causing damage to my pump?

Solution: You can stop the sand before it gets into your house AND protect your submersible pump using a SUB-K pump protection separator. For submersible pump flow above 100 US GPM and all turbine pumps, the Pump Protection Separator (PPS) is a proven solution.

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LAKOS Residential Separators

There are two types of LAKOS Separators for homeowners: Above Ground and Below Ground. Both of these types of Separators work the exact same way: Removing dirt by rapidly spinning water, also known as centrifugal action.

Above Ground Separators include the SMP SandMaster Separator and the ILB and ILS Inline Separators. These Separators are installed AFTER the pump. Their primary purpose is to stop sand from reaching downstream equipment such as the pressure tank, faucets, shower heads, drip lines, and other equipment.

Below Ground Separators include the SUBK well water Pump Protection Separators. These Separators are installed BEFORE the pump – inside the water well attached to the pump. Their primary purpose is to protect the turbine/submersible pump impellers from sand damage and extend life of the water well.

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