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The LAKOS Solution for Process Cooling

LAKOS Separators employ centrifugal action to separate solids from liquids and keep process cooling systems free of troublesome sand, grit, scale, rust and solids. Removing up to 98% of solids 44 microns and larger in a single pass LAKOS works in countless applications. Current successful applications include metal fabrication, plastic extrusion, glass manufacturing, and many more. All of these applications resulted the same; effective filtration that reclaimed valuable liquids and reduced maintenance and downtime costs.

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Lumber Mill Minimizes Build Up to Maintain Peak Efficiency

At Mt. Shasta in Northern California, a lumber mill needed reliable and effective filtration to limit the unwanted build up of solids. By installing a set of LAKOS industrial JPX Separators that are designed to continuously remove dirt, silt, and debris from the tower water, they where able to meet their need for reliable and effective filtration. Learn More


Downtime Eliminated & Reduced Maintenance Costs on Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning

In Houston, Texas a Regional Laboratory for a leading environmental agency was having problems with dirty cooling tower water, which lead to HVAC loop system downtime and increased labor and maintenance costs. They acted fast in finding a solution to their dirty water problem as well as setting an example of water and energy conservation. The agency installed a LAKOS TCX-0280-SRV and were able to filter out sand, silt, scale, and rust and now the system boasts a zero liquid loss approach to filtration, as well as reducing maintenance and downtime costs. Learn More


Quench System Eliminates Scale with LAKOS Separator

A Midwestern lawn mower blade manufacturer needed a filtration system that would eliminate scale particles caused by the cooling process that was accumulating in a polymer liquid quench tank. The tank had large cooling demands in order to remove scale and prevent erosion on their heat exchanger. Their new installation of a LAKOS Separator did exactly that. Learn More


Glass Grinders Kept Running Trouble Free at Ford Motor Company

A series of 22 LAKOS Separators were installed to remove glass particles and powder from industrial coolant to protect a like number of auto-glass grinding machines at Ford Motor Company’s Nashville Glass Plant in Tennessee. Eliminating routine maintenance and the plugging of the grinders’ water jackets, the machines have been able to run at peak efficiency. Learn More


Cooling Tower Eliminates Routine Maintenance with LAKOS Separator

At National Wire Products Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland it was a big job to keep their ejector-type cooling tower in operation. Normally, they would need to clean the system at least once a week, but once they installed three LAKOS In-Line Separators, they handle the cleaning themselves. The LAKOS separators now reduce cooling tower problems by about 95%, allowing for a reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. Learn More


Foundry Improves Plant Efficiency

The Sandusky Foundry and Machine Company of Sandusky, Ohio initially had to clean their nine strainers daily. After installation of a LAKOS Separator, the process has been reduced to a simple bi-monthly inspection only. The separators remove unwanted solids (consisting primarily of grit from roof drains and scale from the plant’s equipment and piping) just before the water enters the cooling tower. Learn More


Full-Stream Cooling Tower System Reduces Maintenance

In Cleveland, Ohio a General Electric plant produces tungsten wire and powder. Their cooling water was contaminated with airborne grit that accumulated in their large cooling tower, requiring constant maintenance and inspection at least once every shift. Looking for an efficient way of keeping their cooling water and tower free of grit, General Electric installed a side-stream LAKOS Separator and then two more Industrial Separators. The LAKOS Separators quickly payed for themselves, removing of up to 98% of all solids with cleaning only being required every six weeks. Learn More