Primary Metals – Steel

Iron and Steel Production

The wise use of process water is essential to operate a high-efficiency steel or iron plant.  Effective water filtration is essential to an integrated solution.  LAKOS Separators are commonly used in these applications to remove everything from fine particles to heavy solids loads. Mill scale, dirt, and other settleable solids are easily removed through centrifugal action separators and requires little to no maintenance. Preventing clogs in spray nozzles for water and coolants is a common application.

The LAKOS eJPX System is a great solution for many descaling, sump, and other process water challenges.  Get the eJPX brochure (LS-970) and watch the video below to see how it removes solids from liquids in steel applications.

Download the Steel Filtration Brochure, LS-740 or read the White Paper (LS-564)explaining the importance of clean water to efficient steel production.

Steel Mill Saves Money & Improves Quality

In Fontana, California a plate mill required spray nozzle replacements, plugged manifolds, and inconsistent quench treatment among other issues. With these problems, it resulted in costly repairs and frequent downtime – they needed an answer. With the introduction of three large LAKOS RFD Series Separators as well as LAKOS Automatic Purge Systems the mill now experiences maintenance free filtration as well as seperation of process solids, elimination of maintenance costs, and much more. Learn More


Parts Washing Operation Reduces Water Loss

In order to remove cast iron particles from their washing operation, a steel shelving manufacturer chose to install two LAKOS LAX Separators allowing for clean liquid to be pumped in their tanks and allows for their fluid to be free of grit and sludge. Learn More


Platinum Refinery Eliminates Sump Clean-Up Problems with Self-Cleaning System

Solids-laden smoke is one of the biggest side effects of refining platinum which results in the accumulation of grit in an air scrubber’s sump, creating plugged manifold nozzles. With this problem, the sump was shutdown every two to three months with three men taking four days to clean. In order to reduce the downtime of the sump, a complete LAKOS Separator “PREP” System was installed with a purge Liquid Concentrator and Shroud Disposal System, eliminating the need for shutdowns and repairs. Learn More


Lukens Steel Company Solves Several Cooling Water Filtration Problems

Lukens Steel Company in Coatesville, Pennsylvania had several cooling towers becoming clogged, reducing hydraulic capacity and thermal efficiency. Requiring added protection, Lukens installed two LAKOS PREP Systems in order to achieve peak effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and cost. Learn More


Continous Casting Plant Increases Production & Employee Morale

With the installation of a LAKOS JPX Series Separator with AutoPurge at a Steel Mill in South Korea, an immediate improvement of overall conditions was seen at the mill. The separator was responsible for a 90% reduction in spray nozzle maintenance and replacement, reducing product rejections, and much higher productivity and profitability. Learn More


Plate Steel Manufacturer Depends Heavily on LAKOS for Key Processes to Run Efficiently 

No single steel mill has implemented more solutions in the steel industry than the Mittal Steel plant located in Burns Harbor, Indiana (formerly Bethlehem Steel). As of 2006, more than 25 are in operation at the plant, having extended the life to their descaling pumps resulting in zero downtime, accelerating cooling capabilities, and reducing operating/maintenance expenses. Learn More


Smelting Scrubbers Recover Copper Solids

In the first 24 hours of installing four LAKOS PRX Separators, one was able to pull four and a half tons of solids out of the smelter scrubber system at the Magma Copper Company in San Manuel, Arizona. The removal of these solids improved system performance, lengthened the life of all equipment, and increase scrubber efficiency. Learn More


Coal Field Processing Plant Reduces Pump Wear

After the installation of a LAKOS JPX Separator system at a Northern Appalachian Coal Field Processing Plant, the plant saw reduced piston pump repairs, little to no annual repair costs, and cleaner water. Learn More


Chile Steel Mill Efficiently Removes Sand From Process Water

After realizing that their process water was becoming filled with sand, a steel forging mill in Chile needed to replace their cooling tower fill every four months. In order to combat the high frequency of replacements, the mill installed two LAKOS JPX Separators and now is able to remove up to seven tons of sand per week, requiring replacement of the cooling tower fills down to once every eighteen months. Learn More