Primary Metals – Steel

Iron and Steel Production

The wise use of process water is essential to operate a high-efficiency steel or iron plant.  Effective water filtration is essential to an integrated solution.  LAKOS Separators are commonly used in these applications to remove everything from fine particles to heavy solids loads. Mill scale, dirt, and other settleable solids are easily removed through centrifugal action separators and requires little to no maintenance. Preventing clogs in spray nozzles for water and coolants is a common application.

The LAKOS eJPX System is a great solution for many descaling, sump, and other process water challenges.  Get the eJPX brochure (LS-970) and watch the video below to see how it removes solids from liquids in steel applications.

Download the Steel Filtration Brochure, LS-740 or read the White Paper (LS-564)explaining the importance of clean water to efficient steel production.