Industrial JPX

Where LAKOS Separators Work

Pre-Filtration: Using a LAKOS Separator as a pre-filter before finer filtration improves efficiency and minimizes liquid loss. As a result:

  • Reduce disposal cost
  • Minimize labor, maintenance downtime, and filter media replacement costs
  • Extend the life of fine filtration and water treatment systems
  • Increase the life of filter cartridges, bags, and eliminates water treatment processes

Protect Spray Nozzles: LAKOS Separators remove solids that clog spray nozzles and other small orifices. This helps to:

  • Maintain original nozzle design for efficient and consistent spray coverage
  • Prevent wear, abrasion, and clogging – reducing the frequency of nozzle replacement

Prevent Solids Accumulation in Sumps and Basins: Using a LAKOS Separator as part of your process cooling system minimizes the accumulation of solids that settle in sumps and basins. As a result:

  • Fewer shutdowns
  • Reduce solids build-up and decreases clean out time
  • Avoids solids-induced microbial growth, decreases chemical use, and increases process liquid life
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