Protect Pumps From Sand – Remove Sand From Well Water

Broken impellers from sand

How LAKOS Pump Protection Separators Work

  1. Sandy Water is drawn through the tangential inlet slots of the PPS
  2. Sand is centrifugally separated from the water and is spun to the outer barrel of the separator
  3. The sand-free water is drawn to the center of the separator and up through the vortex to the pump’s intake
  4. The sand then falls downward to the bottom of the separator
  5. Periodically, the flapper valve on the PPS opens to discharge accumulated particles deep into the well

How to Size a Pump Protection Separator

  1. Identify your wells inner diameter.
  2. Find your pump’s flow range.
    1. The best fit model is in the middle of the range. DO NOT OVERSIZE.
  3. Verify your wells depth, water level, and pump depth.
  4. Verify your pump and motors dimensions (length and width).

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Where to Buy LAKOS Groundwater Products

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PPS Videos

Installing PPS Protects Farm Well Pumps

The Hay Barn in Florence, Arizona did not have enough water to keep their fields irrigated and decided to refurbish their old wells. Within a few months, the old pumps were destroyed overnight due to a sudden infiltration of sand. With a new installation of a LAKOS Pump Protection Separator it allowed the Hay Barn’s old wells to run efficiently without any signs of sand wear. Learn More


Plastics Manufacturer Reduces Pump Maintenance

Bruce Moss of Moss Well Drilling, Inc. in Galveston, Indiana had a customer who needed a replacement for sand-worn components in their pump, gave his customer new bearings and piping. Unfortunately, the parts needed to be replaced again in less than a year, and would have to drill a new well to avoid more sand wearing issues. But instead of spending $8,000 to drill the new well, Moss decided to install a LAKOS Pump Protection System and avoided the high costs of drilling a new well. Learn More


Cotton Turbine Relies on LAKOS Separator for Extended Life

A cotton farm near Phoenix, Arizona was experiencing severe pump efficiency loss and excessive annual repair costs caused by abrasive sand, a LAKOS Turbine Pump Protection Separator was installed. According to the owner, repair costs had been drastically reduced, the effective operation life of their pump has increased, and has operated for over five years with no loss or performance. Learn More


Homeowner Eliminates Sand in Water Well

A country homeowner installed a LAKOS Pump Protection Separator in his well and is able to protect it from excessive pump water, which has allowed him to save thousands of dollars in repairs, as well as eliminate maintenance to his pump, sprinklers, and appliances. Learn More