LAKOS Limited Product Warranty

LAKOS Product Warranty

This non-transferable limited warranty applies to products manufactured by LAKOS Corporation (“Product”) and is available only to the original end user. Product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the applicable Warranty Period, subject to limitations and exclusions below. The  original end user agrees to be bound by and accept the terms of this warranty by accepting delivery of Product.

Warranty Procedure: No remedy is available under this warranty unless the original end user provides LAKOS with written notice of any defect that develops during the Warranty Period immediately after it is discovered, together with a complete description of the stated malfunction,  the model number, date of delivery, and operating conditions of the Product. Upon receipt and review of this information, (1) LAKOS may, at its option, supply servicing data to resolve the issue and/or shipping instructions and returned materials authorization (RMA) requesting return of the applicable Product and (2) LAKOS will, at its option, either repair or replace such Product with identical or substantially similar replacement Product FOB original shipping point. If a defect in a Product returned within 30 days of RMA date is determined upon examination by LAKOS to be a warranted defect not subject to any exception below, then as the sole remedy under this warranty, LAKOS will perform such necessary repairs or replace such Product at its expense, with the unexpired portion of the Warranty Period applicable to repaired or replaced Products.

Exclusions: This warranty will be voided and does not cover any defect, replacement or repair: (1) necessitated by any cause beyond the control of LAKOS, such as lightning or other natural and weather related events or wartime environments; (2) resulting from misuse, neglect, normal expected wear, chemically-caused corrosion, improper installation or maintenance operation contrary to factory recommendations or written materials provided by LAKOS with respect to installation, operation and/or maintenance; (3) any Product or part which has been modified, tampered with or altered without express prior written authorization of LAKOS; (4) if upon reasonable inspection, the defect should have been previously discovered and noticed; or (5) if Product is used or repaired after discovery of the defect without LAKOS’s prior written consent. Any product or part not manufactured by LAKOS (including if it contains, is contained in, is incorporated into, attached to or packaged with the Product) is excluded from this warranty and carries only any standard warranty provided by its manufacturer.

Limitations: The warranty does not cover any transportation, labor, or other costs involved in the return, removal, installation, return shipment and/or reinstallation of Product, on site or otherwise, any labor required to diagnose the necessity for repair or replacement, any costs of access for remedial warranty efforts (including removal and replacement of systems, structures or other parts of the facility), or any damage or loss incurred in transportation of the product. LAKOS’s sole liability for breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise, shall be the repair or replacement of Product as specified above. No other extended warranties or additional liabilities are provided. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, Regardless of the cause or circumstance giving rise to the damage or claim, even if based ON NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, OTHER TORT OR OTHERWISE, (1) this warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages, injuries or cost resulting from any defective Product (including lost profits, loss of business, inconvenience, damage or injury to properties or persons, or backcharges), even if LAKOS was advised of the possibility of such losses or damages, or any claim by any third party, and (2) LAKOS’ LIABILITY SHALL NOT EXCEED THE PRICE PAID BY THE ORIGINAL END USER FOR THE PRODUCT AT ISSUE.

DISCLAIMER: This warranty is the only warranty provided by LAKOS with respect to the Product. LAKOS makes no other  warranty whatsoever with respect to the Product, including without limitation any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose, of merchantability, title, against infringement of any intellectual property rights, or as to capacity, efficiency or performance, whether express, implied, statutory, or arising from a course of dealing, course of performance, usage of trade or otherwise, all of which are disclaimed. LAKOS does not authorize any person to create any other obligation or liability in connection with the Product on its behalf.

Warranty Periods: Warranty Periods for each Product are as follows, and unless otherwise indicated, the Warranty Periods run from the date the Product was originally shipped to the installation site.


  • All Separators – Five Year Warranty (Sub-K, PPS, ILB and ILS)
  • SandMaster H2O Separators – One Year Warranty
  • SandMaster SMP Separators – Five Year Warranty


  • All Separators – Five Year Warranty (ILB, ILS, LGS, PPS, PWC, SCP)
  • PC Self-Cleaning Pump Intake Screens – One Year Warranty


  • All Separators – Five Year Warranty (eJPX, JPX, JPL, ILB, ILS, CSX, PWC)
  • All Separator Systems – One Year Warranty On System Components. Five Year Warranty on System Separators Only. (eJCX1, eJBX1, PRXand FrySafe1)
  • ISF, BFH and all other Accessories and Parts – One Year Warranty


  • All Separators – Five Year Warranty
    (eHTX, HTX, HTH, ILB, ILS)
  • All Systems – One Year Warranty On System Components.  Warranty period begins at the ship date from factory. Additional Extended Warranty is available at time of order entry – consult LAKOS for pricing. LAKOS Separators on Systems are warranted for five (5) years. (eTCX1, TCX1, TCI1, TBX1, TBI1, TPX1, TPI1, SPX1, SPI1)
  • All Sand Media Systems – One Year Warranty (STS and CTS)
  • Pumps, Valves, SRV’s, Accessories and Parts – One Year Warranty
  • LAKOS Self-Cleaning Screen Filter – One Year Warranty


  • 12 months beginning at the ship date from factory.
    (Purge Components, Controllers, Boxes, Strainers, Valve Kits etc.)

15-year warranty on separators.
All other components: Warranty of 12 months beginning at the ship date from factory.