The Basics of Filtration

Key Features of all LAKOS Separators

  • No moving parts to wear out, low maintenance
  • Minimal or zero water loss
  • Low and steady pressure drop
  • Continuous filtration helps maintain design efficiency of all components of the water system
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How Does A LAKOS Separator Work?

LAKOS Centrifugal Separators remove sand and other solids from liquids utilizing centrifugal action within the separator

VIDEO – Latest Technology eJPX Separator for Industrial Filtration

eJPX How It Works Animation

Installing a LAKOS Separator Often Pays For Itself in Less than 1‐2 Years, Due to:

  • Energy savings, since all water system components operate more efficiently
  • Water savings through reduced backwashing
  • More effective chemical and non‐chemical water treatment
  • Other savings in maintenance, downtime, etc.

Independent Test Results