Irrigation Filtration Solutions

LS-847 Residential Filtration

Irrigation Sand Problems 

LAKOS irrigation products are designed to remove small particles, organics, and floating contaminants from irrigation and agricultural systems.This protects drip emitters, prevents clogging, protects equipment, and reduces water waste.
The complete line of LAKOS irrigation solutions includes:
  • Sand media filters (carbon steel ProII and stainless SST). These filters feature a unique underdrain design with greater open surface area than competing designs, leading to lower pressure loss, greater efficiency and fewer backwashing cycles.
  • Centrifgual-action ILB and IHB Sand Separators, with no screens to clean or replace
  • The Self-Cleaning pump intake screen (PC Screen) for open source water
  • The PPS Pump Protection Separator for water well pump protection (turbines and submersibles) -- see the How It Works animation that explains how a PPS will extend the life of a pump in a sand well

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