LAKOS Self-Cleaning Screen Filters 

  • Industrial
  • Process Cooling
  • Chilled Water
  • Water Treatment
  • Irrigation
  • LAKOS Screen Filter Chart

    Low-maintenance, high efficiency, high-flow screen filtration in a compact footprint
    Key Benefits:
    • Continuous automatic operation, requires no operator intervention, ideal for remote sites.
    • Low water consumption for cleaning, less than 1% of total flow.
    • No interruption of downstream flow during cleaning.
    • Automatic flushing based on pressure-differential, hydraulic and electric control options.
    • Removal of both organic (algae, slime, floating debris) as well as sand, grit and inorganic particles to a fine micron level.
    • Each filter comes complete with housing, screen, flush ball valve, controller and DP switch.
    • ASME, CE, PED available and NSF pending.
    • Intelligently engineered, focusing on wear points to maximize durability and ensure maximum operating hours before required maintenance.
    • Unlike competitive PVC-backed screens, LAKOS screen is fused to stainless steel plate for maximum durability.
    • 304 Stainless Steel Housing and 316 stainless steel screen standard, other materials available upon request.
    • Smart design, resulting in minimal moving parts and easy maintenance.
    • Compact designs allow flexibility in installation position and orientation.
    • Over 140 different models available, each with 20 different screen options to meet any application requirement. 

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