Lakos Eliminates Cartridge Replacements and Protects Oil-Water Separator

The grinding machines at a major automotive engine plant in Moraine, Ohio require clean coolant to protect their components and fine nozzles from troublesome and costly malfunction. Recycled through an oil-water separator to remove tramp oil, the coolant is also heavily contaminated with cast iron solids. These solids, once the source of costly cartridge replacements, are now controlled with the use of a Lakos Super Separator, which not only removes the bulk of particles as small as 3 microns but also eliminates the once-weekly replacement of the oil-water separator’s integral filter.

Reported savings to this Ohio plant include a significant reduction in the purchase of costly cartridges and a substantial curtailment of related labor and downtime.

Purged manually at regular intervals, the Lakos Super Separator not only helps keep the oil-water separator functioning properly but also contributes to the success of recycling coolant at this facility. Its success has since attracted serious interest from the manufacturer of the oil-water separator.