System: Steel Forging Mill

Application: Removing Sand From Process Water Cooling Tower

Solids: Sand

Liquid: Process Water at 230 m3/hr (1,013 US GPM)

Problem/Challenge: Efficiently Removing Sand From Process Water To Minimize Maintenance

Solution: Two LAKOS JPX-0450 Separators installed in series (“Super Separator”)

Problem: A steel forging mill in Chile had a problem with sand getting into their process water cooling tower, requiring the company to replace the cooling tower fill every four months. The sand originated from the casting of grinding media balls.

Solution: The company installed two LAKOS JPX Separators in a series, upstream of the cooling tower (two SS-JPX-0450-B/FLG Separators). This configuration is often called a “Super Separator”. The Separators remove up to seven tons of sand per week, greatly reducing maintenance. Before the installation of the separator, the cooling tower fill was replaced three times per year. The cooling tower fill is now replaced only every eighteen months. The sand purged from the separators is also reused for casting grinding media balls.