Crestar Energy Water Plant Removes Fine Solids From River Water

Fine Solids Removed From River Water With LAKOS

System Identification: Oil production; source water for injection; pre-filtration

Solids/Liquids: Sand and silt; river water

Problem: Crestar Energy operates a water plant at their oil production facility at Niton Junction in Alberta. Water is drawn from the McLeod River, combined with produced water and used for injection into the producing zone. Sand and grit in the source water were wreaking havoc with the ultra- and sub-micron barrier filters used before injection, leading to extensive maintenance. Heavy maintenance requirements at this remote location were costly both in terms of lost production time and the use of expensive maintenance personnel.

Solution: A LAKOS Separator was the logical choice for a low-maintenance solution to Crestar’s sand and silt problem. Water drawn from the river is now sent through the LAKOS Separator before entering the water injection plant. The separator effectively removes the sand and silt and protects the downstream barrier filters. Online for nearly two years, the separator efficiently handles all river conditions. Operating with a minimum of manpower, the separator has an automatic, intermittent purge, requiring no shutdown and offering trouble-free system operation. The downstream filter elements are changed much less frequently, achieving cost savings in both filter replacement and manpower. The installation has been deemed a success by Crestar Production Engineer Tim Waters. In addition to increased production capability, Waters notes other benefits of using a LAKOS Separator as ease of operation and maintenance and a low and steady pressure drop.

AB-203 Crestar Energy River Water