Drainage System Protects Pumps with Lakos Separators

Municipal Drainage System Protects Pumps with Lakos Separators

Protecting three high-volume pumps from abrasive wear, two Lakos N-FD Model Separators eliminate troublesome grit and sediments from rainwater/runoff in a drainage collection sump at the city of Ville de Dax, France. Installed at one of several sites throughout the city, the separators are relied upon to minimize costly damage to three 4185 U.S. GPM (950 m3/hr) pumps which periodically transfer the water to a central retention site.

The system, comprised of a submersible trash pump and two Lakos N-0508FD Separators in a manifold, draws water from behind the sump’s internal weir and directly to the separators at 130 U.S. GPM (30 m3/hr), discharging back into the sump. This simply keeps abrasive particles away from the transfer pumps which draw water from the other side of the weir. Separated solids are purged automatically from the separators each hour by a timer-controlled ball valve directly into a steel drum for collection and eventual disposal.

The excess purged liquid returns to the sump via an overflow hose attached to the drum. According to Mr. Jacques Menard of TRENSO, the Lakos distributor, this installation solves a problem which had become quite common … and very expensive … at similar locations.

AB-142 Municipal Drainage System Protects Pumps with Lakos Separatorsn