Glass Manufacturer Reduces Water Loss & Back-Washing Frequency

Glass Manufacturer Reduces Water Loss & Back-Washing Frequency

Application: LAKOS LTS Separator       Solids: Sand, grit, and scale       Liquid: Cooling Water

Problem: Full-stream cooling water supply from a ground-level tower to the glass processing needs of Guardian Industries in Kingsburg, California was filtered for three years by a huge 125-micron automatic strainer. Suffering excessive water loss and make-up water costs due to the volume and frequency of backwashing, LAKOS was called in to help “reclaim” the backwash water.

Solution: “Will it work?” was confirmed quickly with a LAKOS Portable Test Rig. The separator worked so convincingly, the discussion quickly turned to LAKOS as an alternative to the strainer. Not long after, a LAKOS LTS Separator was handling the system’s full flow of more than 5,000 US GPM (1,130 m3/hr) purging briefly and only once every 40 hours and saving Guardian over 370,000 gallons of water every week.


LAKOS Separators are installed to save money … and the application at Guardian Industries is a clear illustration of the significant potential and the many areas where savings can be achieved.

Reduced Water Loss: …………………………$1,900

Reduced Chemical Make-up: ……………… 5,000

Reduced Electrical/Pumping

Costs: ………………………………….. 2,000

Reduced Maintenance: ………………………. 5,600


Your LAKOS representative can help you determine the payback potential with your system. Ask for details.

Results: The water savings, given that Guardian spends approximately $.10 for every 1,000 gallons used, translates to an immediate money savings of more than $1,900 annually. Water treatment savings, (due to reduced make-up water needs and the reduction of solids in the system) have also become significant, saving Guardian $5,000 annually in chemicals.

No less incredible is the fact that LAKOS simply out-performs the strainer, removing an even greater volume of even finer particles. (Independent testing reports 98% efficiency of 74 micron/200 mesh sand.) Additionally, Guardian reports annual savings of $2,000 for reduced electrical/pumping charges and $5,600 in reduced maintenance, cleaning of heat exchangers and system reworking. In essence, the LAKOS Separator far exceeded Guardian’s original expectations and has dramatically reduced their operating costs.



Backwash Rate: 600 U.S. GPM

Duration: 3 minutes

Frequency: 42 times per day, 7 days per week

WEEKLY WATER LOSS: 529,200 gallons


Purge Rate: 600 U.S. GPM

Duration: 12 seconds

Frequency: Once every 2 days

WEEKLY WATER LOSS: 300 gallons (average)*

*NOTE: The excessive water loss caused by the strainer far exceeded Guardian’s desired blowdown rate to maintain a specific “water hardness level.” With the LAKOS Separator, Guardian instead chose to perform a supplementary blowdown of 157,250 gallons per week to maintain that water hardness at an acceptable level.

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