Solids Removed at Steel Manufacturing Plant Using LAKOS Separator

Solids Removed at Steel Manufacturing Plant Using LAKOS Separator

Application: Steel Plant Uses ILB Separator To Remove Solids During Manufacturing
Solids: Metal Fines Liquid: Coolant

Problem: Handan Steel not only produces 12 million tons of steel every year, but they also win national scientific, environmental, and technological awards while doing it. The HBIS Handan CSP steel plant in China is constantly working to improve the productivity of their manufacturing plants by improving technology, reducing energy use, and utilizing new and innovative equipment. Handan steel is used around the world: from Beijing’s Olympic Games arenas to home appliances, to high-speed railways around the world. Their commitment to product quality is well known.

5L of coolant filtered by a 74-micron
screen BEFORE ILB installation

There are six grinding machines at the HBIS Handan steel plant for the company’s steel rolling operation. Current standard practice is to filter the machine coolant through a magnetic separator, then a flat bed paper filter, and finally into a sedimentation sump. Leakage along the sides of the paper filter was a common sight, and the coolant was never properly filtered. As a result, the machine operation would be frequently disrupted and had to be manually cleaned every 40 days.

100L of coolant filtered by a 74-micron screen AFTER ILB installation

Solution: A LAKOS ILB Separator was installed in the main stream after the sediment sump. The coolant is pumped into the ILB by the sump’s pump. After leaving the ILB separator, the clean coolant then returns to the grinding machine for reuse.

Results: Since the installation of the ILB, the coolant liquid is much cleaner. The sediment deposited in the sump has been greatly reduced and the paper filter is no longer required.

The LAKOS ILB is both effective and economical for the plant. The separator has replaced the flatbed paper filter and now supplies cleaner coolant to the grinding operation. Paper rolls, which were previously a recurring cost for the paper filter, have been eliminated. The tedious and regular manual cleaning of the sedimentation sump has been reduced significantly.

Now, thanks to LAKOS, Handan Steel can continue to produce quality metal products while maintaining their standards of utilizing innovative, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced equipment.

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