Hotel Chiller Efficiency Improved

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Hotel Chiller Efficiency Improved With Lakos Separator

Enabling a 35-ton chiller to operate more efficiently, the West World Inn in Tulsa, Oklahoma enjoys energy savings of approximately $3,000 annually. Installed on the discharge side of their pump, this Lakos Separator removes pipe scale from the system’s water at a performance level of 98% of particles 200 mesh and larger. This scale-free water then travels to the cooling coils in each of the hotel’s 80 rooms. Vernon Bruton, the Maintenance Supervisor at West World Inn, says “Before we had the separator, our coils would stop up and we’d lose circulation in the rooms, making our chiller work harder. We’d then be forced to back-flush the coils to get rid of the corrosion.” He continued to say the purchase of the Lakos Separator has more than paid for itself with the reduction of energy costs and reduced maintenance expenses. “Now we don’t have the problem of customers becoming angry because their rooms are too hot,” he said. “And the separator even helps our boiler operate better in the winter.” Unlike other filtration methods, the only maintenance required for the Lakos Separator is the occasional purging of collected solids. There are no screens or filters to clean or replace, no moving parts to wear out and no back-flushing.

AB-153 West World Inn Hotel Chiller Protection