Hydro-Blasting Operation Cuts Filter Replacement Costs

Pressure Washing Asphalt

Hydroblasting Operation Cuts Filter Replacement Costs With Lakos Separator

Changing expensive cartridge filter elements at a rate of up to every 45 minutes, a hydro blasting operation in Rancho Cordova, California, has chosen to install a LAKOS In-Line Separator . . . and now finds their replacement costs and downtime have been cut in half. The Separator is installed ahead of two 5-micron and two 1-micron cartridge filters, removing sand, scale, grit and other particle matter from whatever water source is available at the job site.

The hydro blasting system utilizes water at a pressure of 10,000 psi (700 kg/cm2). It is used for cleaning concrete, heavy equipment, and removing chipped paint from a variety of surfaces. A wet-blasting technique is used for removing highway markings from asphalt.

“We get everything from very good tap water to muddy, rusty water from a tank truck,” says Joe Miller, owner/operator of Miller Enterprises-Hydro-blasting. “The LAKOS Separator has saved us 50% in overall cartridge costs and downtime.” At $42.00 per set of cartridge elements, Miller figures the LAKOS Separator has paid for itself many times over. Maintenance on the separator is minimal, requiring only a 15-second manual purge of accumulated solids when necessary. Not having to replace filter elements or shutdown units for cleaning are a huge benefit to Miller.

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