Meat Processor Eliminates Particle Matter from Water System with LAKOS Separator

When faced with a contamination problem in a meat processor’s water system, Chuck’s Pump Service of Medford, Oregon used a LAKOS Separator on a “no-cure no-pay” basis to clean up the water, and everyone is very pleased with the end result. Chuck’s Pump Service has been doing business with Crater Meats (processor from slaughtering to packaging) for 38 years and was confident in recommending a LAKOS Separator to remove sand and fi ne grit that began showing up in water used for not only washing down the meat, but also general cleaning at the plant. The LAKOS Separator cleaned all of the foreign matter from the water and the problem was caught before any damage or contamination occurred. The meat processor’s overall network of water piping is also cleaning up in very good time. The pump service, which recently diversified into water treatment and conditioning, installed a LAKOS Separator with an automatic purge valve set to flush for 30 seconds every 15 minutes. The separator handles 100 U.S. gpm (23m³/hr) at 95psi (7kg/cm³). Charles Coggins, president of Chuck’s Pump Service, was sure the LAKOS Separator could clean up the water. “We’ve used other LAKOS products,” said Coggins, “and our satisfaction led us to turn to them again.”