Separator Eliminates Screen Maintenance for Auto Manufacturer

Separator Eliminates Screen Maintenance for Auto Manufacturer

Tremendous savings in labor are reported by Mitsubishi Motors Ltd. in Australia since they installed a Lakos R-TS Industrial Code Separator. Removing aluminum swarf from recycled soluble oil, the Lakos Separator has eliminated routine cleaning and inspection of their filter screens, protecting the plant’s tooling machines from abrasive wear.

The Lakos Separator essentially performs two functions: 1) As a polishing filter, it removes the solids which pass through a revolving screen at the system’s central pit; and 2) As a pre-filter, the Lakos unit minimizes solids collection on the tooling machines’ individual filter screens.

Spokesmen for Mitsubishi claim that the Lakos Separator has virtually eliminated maintenance to the individual filter screens and saves them $50 to $60 every day in maintenance alone. In a year, such savings account for over $15,000, a figure which more than pays back the initial cost of the Lakos Separator. Purging of the Lakos Separator is accomplished with a manual bleed valve, requiring only the simple disposal of a two-gallon bucket of swarf twice a day.

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