Power Company Reduces Maintenance & Replacement Costs

Power Company Reduces Maintenance & Replacement Costs

Reducing maintenance and replacement costs, the Georgia Power Company of Milledgeville, Georgia installed a Lakos Separator on their pump seal water system and now finds it is also keeping its general operating costs down.

The pump system, which requires a special feed of water to cool and lubricate their pumps’ seals and bearings, had been demanding the use of expensive potable water to avoid injecting any abrasive particles into their pumps. Installing a Lakos Separator at their Plant Branch allowed them to immediately transfer to general service water (lake water) and eliminate the use of the costly potable water. The Lakos Separator centrifugally filters out up to 98% of all particles as small as 200 mesh (74 microns) without appreciably reducing line pressure and Georgia Power protects their expensive pumps while reducing operating costs.

Without the Lakos Separator, suspended sand, grit and other abrasive particles from the lake water would quickly have worn out and ruined their pumps. According to Mr. M.D. Rhinehart of Georgia Power Company, the Lakos Separator is reliable and effects a long term cost savings in maintenance, replacements and operating costs.

Particles collected in the Lakos Separator’s lower chamber are continuously purged with a ¾-inch plug valve, adjusted according to the amount of solids to the necessary blow off. This type of installation and operation makes the entire system maintenance-free without reducing separation efficiency and also eliminates the need for any maintenance manpower.

AB-130 Georgia Power Company Pump Protection

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