Separator Simplifies R.O. Unit Operation & Maintenance

Installed to curb maintenance on a sea-water reverse osmosis (R.O.) purifier, a LAKOS Separator is credited with extending the operating life of that system’s primary filter membrane from 50 hours to at least 400 hours. Removing sand, grit and heavy colloidal sediment, the LAKOS Separator acts as a prefilter to a ship-board R.O. system, modified for use on a beach-front home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

“The reduction in system maintenance and simplicity of operation was a real bonus to the homeowner,” said Charles Jennings, whose firm engineered and installed the system. “With fresh water increasingly difficult to obtain in this area, this system and the LAKOS Separator offer a cost-effective solution.” According to Jennings, other filtration alternatives were considered, but only LAKOS satisfied both performance and cost requirements.